The benefits of knitted fabrics and how to choose

Update:26 Jan

At present, most of the knitted fabrics used in the surface layer of mattresses are divided into ordinary machine knitted type and knitted type, which are blended with cotton and polyester.

Ordinary woven fabrics, we usually also call warp knitted fabrics, woven mattress fabrics have poor elasticity and softness, and their elasticity mainly comes from the elastic fibers added in the production. The fabric areal density is low.

Knitted jacquard fabrics and other knitted fabrics, knitted mattress fabrics have moderate elasticity, good hand feeling, softness, good moisture absorption and breathability, good shape retention, strong uneven feeling, can withstand a certain pulling force, and have resistance to bursting and Tear resistance and good wrapping properties make the curved lines of the mattress fabric smooth and smooth, without dead ends and uniform in shape.