Composite silk fabric

Update:06 Feb 2018

Is a kind of composite Chiffon Chiffon Chiffon Chiffon […]

Is a kind of composite Chiffon Chiffon Chiffon Chiffon is thin, single, single Weiqiang twist fabric, thin, transparent and elegant. Composite silk chiffon is made of 2 threads twisted together to make warp or weft yarn. The overall feel is soft and looks a bit velvet. It's a physical change, a new weaving design.
The composite silk chiffon is a new product. It is a physical change, not a chemical change, so it does not have to worry about its quality. It is best to remove the yarn at the edge of the line, and then hand back the yarn by hand to see if it is made up of two different materials.
The advantages of composite silk chiffon is that the composite silk chiffon fabric is warp and weft, which is very easy to breathe. It is also easy to ventilate, add enough dyeing and processing, and the fabric feels soft. It is fashionable fabric pursued by fashionable women. Its upper body is elegant and elegant.
1. the texture is light, transparent, soft and flexible.
2. light and elegant appearance, has good air permeability and drape.
3. wearing elegant, comfortable, into the upper body, both elegant and elegant and elegant.
4. good wear resistance, not easy to ball, stable size, not easy to fold.
5. use environmental protection dyeing, anti static processing.
6. elegant and cool, very feminine, for women's clothes to the icing on the cake.
The composite silk chiffon is usually made of two kinds of FDY+POY materials, which are about 8 pieces of one meter. In addition to this, there is a kind of chiffon, which is the high twist chiffon. It's like and composite chiffon, yarn twist is relatively high, the overall effect is better than ordinary cloth, feel more comfortable. We are in the choice, the price of silk composite is generally around 10 dollars, to polish the piercing eye oh!
Of course, we buy and sell things in daily life, often say a penny, this saying, is not all right, some good quality, affected by the composite wire components will have some floating price, but we also need to know the price is not high, the quality of what will be well, there are a lot of businesses have loopholes. For the composite wire products, want good quality, the cost will be slightly higher, so the composite wire products on the market, in the face of diversiform dazzling, or hope that the majority of friends a good grasp of composite wire in the purchase price, don't blindly buy, do the eye for gold.