How to clean mattress fabric and washing considerations

Update:04 May 2018

How to clean mattress fabric? Printed fabrics are popul […]

How to clean mattress fabric? Printed fabrics are popular as a fabric with a high usage rate. However, printed fabrics are different from embroidered ones in that they are prone to discoloration, material loss, and breakage, which can cause headaches. How to clean the printed fabric? The following teach you the correct printing fabric washing program.

How to clean mattress fabric?
First wet the corner of the printed fabric, and then wipe it with a white cloth at the printing place. If the white cloth is dyed, the printing is faded.
1. Be sure to wash properly, do not soak, rinse separately with cold water, dry with dehydration. If bleed occurs accidentally, rinse thoroughly and rinse thoroughly immediately.
2. If possible, send dry cleaning.
3. If you accidentally get edible oil, you can wash it with detergent as soon as possible. For industrial oil, use a pine perfume or petrol scrub, then rinse with detergent and water (do not use hot water).

mattress fabric washing precautions:
Normal use of printing series, normal maintenance, after the emergence of pure cotton will appear fade phenomenon, this is normal, please wash by hand. Printing and dyeing prints have a taste, the sun can be as good as the sun, and it can also be dry and dry. It is a normal taste. Many crushes are machine-washed or put into a washing powder bubble to cause the print to fade.
1. Bleach, bleach and 84 disinfectant all have the function of bleaching, suits should be used cautiously, color bleach can be used for white and colored clothes, have the function of wash and color protection, bleaching the best Soak it with a softener for a few minutes.
2. Detergent powders now commonly contain phosphorous and bleaching functions, which are reflected in the printing and cause the printing to fall off.