How to identify the front and back of the fabric

Update:19 Jan 2019

There are many jacquard fabrics that we touch in our da […]

There are many jacquard fabrics that we touch in our daily life. Some fabrics are sometimes really difficult to judge the front and back. The front and back of the fabric look like twins, and sometimes they feel the same. In fact, there are still methods for distinguishing between twins. If you look closely, there will be differences.

1. General subconscious recognition

Generally, we will choose the cloth surface to be clean, the texture is clear, the soft side is positive, and the pattern fabric is selected to have a clear pattern and a clear side.

2. Knitted Fabric Manufacturers Definition - According to the product design and finishing effect

The ribs and the embossed fabric have a compact and delicate front and a clear groove; while the reverse is rough and the velvet is longer.Brushed and brushed fabric, generally front brushed, if the fabric is brushed on both sides, the smooth and neat side of the pile is positive.Double-layer multi-layer fabrics generally have a higher front side density than the front side, and the front side is made of a material with better performance.Coated fabrics, generally colored with a positive coating.Leno fabric, the side of the line is clearly twisted and the front side is the front.Towel fabric, the side with a high density of terry is front.

3. According to the use of identification - for anti-velvet, wind and other uses of the coated surface is the opposite side.

4. Past experience judgment

The pattern is clear and positive; the point is less positive; the cleaning is positive; the side of the cloth is neat and tidy; the opposite is the case where the instructions (trademark) and the factory inspection stamp are attached.For most apparel fabrics, the front is very obvious, but there are also positive and negative similarities, and some fabrics can be used on both the front and the back. Therefore, it is not necessary to distinguish the front and back of such fabrics.