Introduction of jacquard cloth

Update:11 Aug 2018

Jacquard fabric is suitable for a wide range of people, […]

Jacquard fabric is suitable for a wide range of people, and can be used to make clothing or bedding. It is very popular because of its slimness, suppleness and breathability. However, this kind of fabric is easy to fade, and it is easy to lose its elasticity after a long time, so it is usually to be well maintained.

General classification of jacquard cloth

1. Monochrome jacquard for jacquard dyed fabric

After the jacquard fabric is woven by the jacquard weaving machine, it is dyed and finished, and the finished fabric is pure color; it can be used for high-end clothing production materials or decorative industry materials.

2.Knitted jacquard cloth

Knitted jacquard fabric has a unique texture with soft texture, fine and smooth, and has good gloss, drapability and breathability, and high color fastness.

3.Satin jacquard cloth

Satin tissue products cost more than similar plain and twill weave products. Fabrics woven from satin weave are collectively referred to as satin fabrics, which have a front and back surface, and the fabric is smooth, delicate and shiny.