Knit fabric fabric flexibility

Update:08 Dec 2018

Knitted fabrics have good flexibility, which can greatl […]

Knitted fabrics have good flexibility, which can greatly reduce the pleating, seams and splicing of the design when designing the model. Secondly, knitted fabrics can also be made by using the techniques of scalding and reintroduction.

Generally, the elasticity of the fabric and the proper use of pleats are used to process the curve suitable for the human body. Then the stretchability of knitted fabrics will become an important basis for the design of the prototype.

The sample of woven garments is generally larger than the area used to wrap the human body, and is usually relatively loose relative to the human body; however, knitted fabric garments are knitted fabrics with a particularly large elasticity depending on the fabric structure used.

The fabric design sample is not left loose, its sample size can be the same size as the circumference of the human body, and other sizes that can be reduced considering the elastic coefficient.