Knitted fabric is more comfortable

Update:30 Nov 2018

The products on the bed are usually made of woven fabri […]

The products on the bed are usually made of woven fabrics, but the disadvantages of these fabrics are that the elasticity is very poor, the hand feel is not soft enough, the comfort is not strong enough, and the consumers are already tired of it, so our company Recently, we have developed a lot of knitted fabrics suitable for bedding. All kinds of fabrics have their own characteristics. Below we will briefly introduce the characteristics of various fabrics.

1. Cotton knit fabric feels very good. It is also more comfortable to use as a bedding fabric. It is also very easy to dye. The variety of flower patterns is also very rich, and it is also less static and washable. It is hygroscopic, soft and warm, and is usually widely used in bedding; however, it is also very easy to wrinkle, has poor elasticity, is easy to shrink, is resistant to acid and alkali, and should not be treated for a long time under high temperature of 100 degrees Celsius or above. When ironing cotton products, it is best to spray them and it is easy to iron. If conditions permit, we can also iron the product with a steam iron after each use, the effect will be even better.

2. Yarn-dyed cotton knit fabric is one of the pure cotton fabrics, which are woven from different color yarns. Because it is first dyed and woven, the dye permeability is relatively strong, the dyeing fastness is relatively good, and the three-dimensional sensation of the heterochromatic yarn fabric is strong, and the style is unique. Most of the bedding products are characterized by a strip. Flower type. It has the characteristics of pure cotton fabric, but usually the shrinkage rate will be slightly larger.