The concept of color fabric

Update:29 Jun 2018

1. Full-color weave: dyed or partially dyed yarns in th […]

1. Full-color weave: dyed or partially dyed yarns in the warp and weft (or several colored yarns interlaced with white yarns in the fabric).

2. Semi-dyed: Yarn with warp or weft is dyed or partially dyed.

3, white weaving: cloth dyed without dyed yarn - gray cloth.

4. Comparison of white and yarn-dyed products: The color fastness of yarn-dyed yarns is higher than that of white-dyed jacquard fabric .

The fabric takes full color weaving, half yarn weaving reasons

1, full color weaving:

A. In order to obtain the effect of different colors, the same kind of raw materials can not be dyed after different colors, and the color can not be processed.

Weaving can do it.

B. The requirement of color fastness and the requirement of color light - the color fastness of yarn dyed products is good and the color light feeling is good.

The requirements of the C level of hierarchy - requires a good sense of hierarchy.

2, half-colored weaving:

The difference between warp and weft raw materials - the use of warp and weft yarn raw materials for different dyeing performance requirements, available half color

Weaving to reduce costs and increase fancy.