There are several kinds of fabric printing and dyeing process

Update:28 Apr 2018

There are four types of cloth dyeing: Fiber dyeing - dy […]

There are four types of cloth dyeing:

Fiber dyeing - dyeing when it is still fiber. Such as: spend gray;

Cellulose fibre dyeing process for the dyeing of cotton, hemp, viscose and cuprammonium fibre textiles. cotton. The hemp fiber fabric must be fully removed before dyeing cellulose symbiont, copper ammonium or viscose fiber fabric dyeing should minimize the tension and friction, prevent deformation or produce hair and affect the quality of dyed products. The dyes used for cellulose fiber dyeing include direct dyes, reactive dyes, insoluble azo dyes, temporary soluble vat dyes, vat dyes, and sulphur dyes.

Yarn dyeing - dyeing after spinning into yarn. Such as: plaid shirt; yarn dyeing is dyed after the first yarn, can not do fancy color, can only do plain, easy to dye the color, fabric feel better than scattered dyeing.

Pigmented - dyed after being woven into cloth. Such as: net color clothes;

This is the case for the yarn-dyed fabrics. The yarn-dyed fabrics are first dyed, then weaved, and finally they are finished and finished.
The dyed textile factory came out of the original color fabric, put it into the dyeing cylinder and dyed (or long-time pad dyeing), and then after finishing, and finally finished the product.
The piece dyeing can be a piece of cloth or a few pieces of cloth, which is suitable for making small orders for fashion; it can also be a large quantity of investment, which is suitable for taking large orders in the market.

Dyeing - dyeing after being made into clothes. The effect is better, the feel is very soft and smooth, and more durable.