What are the advantages and disadvantages of stretch cotton

Update:05 Jan 2019

Elastic cotton advantages The stretch cotton fabric fee […]

Elastic cotton advantages

The stretch cotton fabric feels good to the touch, and has a strong elastic force and a strong stretchability. It can adapt to the needs of bending various parts of the body, is not easy to wrinkle, and is not easy to produce pleats.

Stretch cotton has many advantages and blessings. The fabric has good flexibility, elasticity, good hand feeling, easy care, not easy to wrinkle, etc. It can be well blended with other fibers. After a certain process, it has good color and comfort. Breathable and other features.

Stretch cotton shortcomings

Stretch cotton has many advantages, but there are also disadvantages. The finished jacquard fabric product made of stretch cotton is easy to disperse and easy to deform. The so-called advantages and disadvantages, things are two-sided, as well as stretch cotton fabrics.