What are the characteristics of wrinkle cloth

Update:12 May 2018

Crinkle cloth seersucker, silk cloth, embossed cloth an […]

Crinkle cloth seersucker, silk cloth, embossed cloth and so on. The seersucker is a full-width or partially uneven-shaped bubble on the fabric. Its unique appearance, three-dimensional sense, light texture, wearing a non-fitness and other characteristics.

The fabric is light and thin, the enamel pattern is clear and durable, flexible, and comfortable to wear. It is mainly used for shirts, pyjamas and children's clothing. It is not advisable to scrub hard when washing to maintain long-lasting results.

When it comes to wrinkle cloth, we first look at pure cotton fiber fabrics. Pure cotton jacquard fabric are available in plain weave, twill, fleece, wrinkle, and other types.

Plain fabrics include flat fabrics, hemp fabrics, grosgrain, hemp yarns, etc. Twill fabrics include twill, khaki, silk, gabardine and others.

Satin fabrics have horizontal satin, straight satin, etc.; velvet fabrics are velveteen, corduroy, flannel, etc.

The lining cloth is formed using synthetic fiber thermoplastics. The method is to use the embossed roller to emboss rough and uneven patterns on already dyed or printed muslins, and then resin finishes to shape the rolled out pattern.