What is a four sided projectile fabric?

Update:28 Feb 2018

The four sides of the fabric for a certain elastic fabr […]

The four sides of the fabric for a certain elastic fabric. It can adapt to the activities of the human body, with the extension and contraction, it is light and fast and comfortable, and it also can keep the beautiful appearance of the garment. The knees, elbows and other parts of the clothes don't sprout up due to the long wearing time. The elasticity of the fabric comes from, the small editor today will give you a look at what is the four sides of the fabric. In a simple way,
The fabric has a certain flexibility, can be stretched back and forth, elastic fabric is more convenient for people's activities, not because of clothing and feel inconvenient. The elasticity of fabric is made of spandex. When the fabric is processed, polyurethane elastic yarn is added to the fabric to give a certain elasticity. At the same time, it must control its elongation and shape and control its elasticity. There are many varieties of fabric with four sides, such as polyester, full polyester, knitted, T/R four sides, and so on.
The four side bullet is only a short form of fabric, and the elastic force of fabric. In fact, the spandex elastic yarn is added into the warp and weft to make the fabric have a certain elasticity, and it can stretch and stretch vertically.