What is a yarn-dyed color jersey

Update:26 Jan 2019

The yarn-dyed color-knitted jersey jacquard fabric refe […]

The yarn-dyed color-knitted jersey jacquard fabric refers to a color-knitted jersey cloth which is woven by using the dyed yarns, controlling or changing the color and width of the color bars through different arrangement and combination of the yarn cylinders on the knitting machine. According to the different machines, it can be divided into: knitted large loop color jersey and small loop color jersey.

The field of use

Color jersey is generally used to make sweaters, T-shirts, home textile products, bedding and so on. It is a blend of cotton, polyester, polyester, rayon, and other raw materials.

The advantages and disadvantages of yarn-dyed color jersey

Advantages: The color is good, the color fastness is good, the sliver does not change, the batch quantity can be large or small, and the hand feel is good.

Disadvantages: high cost and high price, the output is not as limited as machine printing and color registration.