What is advantages and disadvantages of paint printing

Update:24 Nov 2018

Advantages of paint printing: 1. The process is simple, […]

Advantages of paint printing:

1. The process is simple, there is no wastewater discharge, and the production efficiency and the authenticity rate are high.

2. There is no selectivity for fiber and it has a wide adaptability.

3. Complete chromatography, easy color matching, high precision.

4. Can print special patterns, suitable for special printing.

Disadvantages of paint printing:

1. The hand feels contradiction in color fastness.

2. High mesh screen printing is easy to block the net.

3. A small amount of unreacted monomer has a certain impact on health.

In combination with the above jacquard fabric characteristics, the paint printing is mainly used for the pattern area is not too large or the feeling of the opponent, the friction fastness requirements are not too high, especially suitable for the combination of the fiber and its blend, the direct printing of the fabric and the special printing.