What is fabric for border performance

Update:07 Jul 2018

The performance of the fabric for border directly affec […]

The performance of the fabric for border directly affects the performance of the garment. The wearing performance of the apparel fabric refers to a series of properties exhibited during the wearing and use of the garment. For example, hygroscopicity, gas permeability, rigidity, shape retention, strength, elasticity, color fastness, detergency, and ironing property. In summary, there are four aspects: appearance, comfort, durability, and maintainability.
Appearance includes two aspects: expressiveness and retention. Appearance performance refers to the aesthetic effect of apparel fabrics. This is related to the designer's design intent, whether the style of the garment can be correctly reflected and designed, and the softness and hardness (stiffness, softness) and smoothness of the fabric itself (the texture of the fabric is rough or Smooth), light and heavy (light or heavy), hot and cold (color and texture for warm or cool), drape and transparent or opaque; appearance retention refers to the stability of the fabric during wear , with the wrinkle resistance of the fabric (resistance to the ability to bend or deform due to sputum or use), non-ironing (after washing, it does not need to be ironed to maintain a flat state), shrinkage (shrinkage during use) ), color fastness (maintaining the original color and luster during processing and use) and hooking are related to fluffing and pilling.
Comfort refers to the performance of the fabric to meet the needs of human health and freedom of movement, including moisture absorption, breathability, moisture permeability, warmth, hand, stretch, heat insulation and so on.
Durability refers to the processing and application properties of apparel fabrics, including strength, abrasion resistance, flame resistance, anti-hooking, anti-dispersion, anti-fouling, dust-proof and color fastness.
Maintenance type refers to the performance of the fabric for easy storage and storage.