What is paint printing

Update:15 Nov 2018

The paint printing is to form a firm, wear-resistant an […]

The paint printing is to form a firm, wear-resistant and transparent resin film on the jacquard fabric by means of an adhesive, and the coating is mechanically fixed on the fabric to obtain a printing method of the pattern.

As early as more than 2,000 years ago, our ancestors used mineral pigments to grind them with natural binders for fabric printing. However, due to the dark color of light, the texture is rough, the washing is poor, the rubbing fastness is poor, etc. 

Modern paint printing started in 1951 when Bayer supplied a series of Acramin F-type paint printing pastes. In the 1960s, a self-crosslinking binder in which a film-forming aqueous phase was dispersed was developed. At the same time, with the multi-acid type synthetic thickener, the paint printing technology has made a big step forward.

With the continuous improvement and improvement of adhesives and thickeners, coating printing and coating dyeing applications are becoming more and more widespread. Today's paint printing has a considerable market share, more than 50% of the world, is the first choice for all printing processes, and there are many special paint printing manufacturers.