What is the specification of dyestuff dyes is what mean

Update:06 Mar 2018

Printing and dyeing industry can be said to be a specia […]

Printing and dyeing industry can be said to be a special industry in the textile industry, employees in the printing and dyeing process will usually use a lot of paint or dye additives, these chemicals are said dyes, chemicals said we will have some fear, because in the continuous improvement of our living standard today's health has already become our first concern, so we will have some more or less on dye exclusion, we will think it is normal because many dyes will also affect our health, but if we can truly understand the dyes familiar with its classification and function will not have this fear, here we describe in detail the dyes.
The most commonly used dyes in place of fabric dyeing, textile riotous with colour in a lot of vitality into our world, dye is color of fabric by the action of enzymes, and not all the stain can be absorbed into the fabric and the corresponding color dyes is different with its own color fixing rate, that is to say the number of dyes on fabrics and dyes in the dye in total is their ratio.
If two or more mixed dyes in dyeing efficiency use it together is not the same, you can use familiar to master dyes dyed a variety of colors of their love.
In fact, from mid twentieth Century to now science and technology in our country has made a breakthrough, but it is also because of the progress of science and technology of our entire earth resources have been plundered, our living environment but also because of the development of the industry suffered a serious damage, when we feel the pressure of the living environment of the green dyes have been highly praised, in order to give us these consumers and can provide some security for the protection of the ecological environment, green consumption consciousness has been widespread throughout our textile industry, the essence of green textiles is the green chemistry we can also say green dyes.
Because of various dyes may form a certain degree of influence on people's health, so many developed countries began the specifications in textiles that harmful dyes, now between the international textile and apparel trade competition, including the green dyes on their success has great know, dye composition and function as well as to develop green dyes is crucial for an enterprise.