Which kind of fabric is best for T-shirts

Update:31 Jan 2019

As soon as summer arrives, I believe that many bosses a […]

As soon as summer arrives, I believe that many bosses are already ready to customize T-shirts. I think many friends have a lot of difficult choices when choosing T-shirt materials and fabrics when customizing T-shirts. Many friends like to wear pure cotton, but cotton is easy to wrinkle and have problems such as fading. So what kind of clothes are better? What fabric is better? The following small series will give you a list of these four T-shirt custom fabrics for everyone to answer these two questions.

1.Ordinary cotton fabric

Casual T-shirts are custom made from cotton fabrics. This cotton T-shirt is comfortable to wear, but it is easy to wrinkle and is easily deformed after washing.

2.Mercerized cotton fabric

The mercerized cotton fabric is made of ordinary cotton fabric. The T-shirt of this fabric is made of cotton as raw material and after a series of worsted spinning. The high-quality knitted fabric made of this material not only completely retains the pure cotton. Natural features, but also the fabric feels very soft, breathable, very flexible, and comfortable to wear.

3.Cotton double silk fabric
Pure cotton double-filament fabric, which is made of singeing and mercerizing yarn, it uses a computer-aided production system to quickly design the pattern weaving, and then through a series of finishing to produce this high-grade knitted fabric. This fabric has a clear cloth pattern and a smooth feel, which is better than mercerized cotton, but the price is slightly higher.

4.Ultra-high count cotton fabric
This kind of fabric is basically not used by companies as a fabric for T-shirts because it is too expensive. The price of 120 yarn cotton T-shirt fabrics is as high as 170 yuan per kilogram, and the price of 200 yarn cotton T-shirt fabrics is higher, so few companies use this fabric to customize T-shirts.